Recognition of Diplomas

  • Degrees/certificates granted by institutions operating in the educational systems of EU, OECD or EFTA countries are recognized as equivalent to appropriate Polish degrees.
  • International Baccularate and European Baccularate certificates are recognized as equivalent to Polish secondary school certificates (Matura certificates).
  • A foreign degree/ certificate granted by the institution operating in other countries which are not members of the unions mentioned above, must be recognized on the basis of international agreements. List of Polish international agreements concerning education recognition might be found here:


In case there is no international agreement, the degree/ certificate must be recognized on the basis of nostrification. Nostrification is a process of recognising a foreign diploma as an equivalent to a Polish diploma.

  • The competent authorities to conduct the nostrification procedure with regard to higher education diplomas (university degrees) are higher education institutions authorised to grant the academic degree of a doctor (doctor) in a given field of science or art.

  • Information concerning recognition of matriculation certificates (secondary school certificates) can be obtained at local educational authorities (kuratorium oświaty) having jurisdiction over: the applicant's place of residence or the institution where the applicant is applying for admission. The secondary school certificate must be legalized in the country where it was issued. The documents must contain a clause confirming that their holders are eligible to apply to higher education institutions in their own countries. Nostrification of the certificate obtained abroad can be performed only once. The nostrification certificate is valid only if accompanied by the original certificate obtained abroad or by a duplicate.

The agency responsible for the recognition of foreign credentials for academic purposes is the national information center ENIC-NARIC Poland, operating within the Department of Higher Education Organization and Supervision of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education:

All documents/ certificates must be legally recognized by an authorized institution or be confirmed by Apostille. The documents should be presented in certified translation into Polish or English