Study in Poland

Why Poland?

  • Poland is situated in central Europe, with a population of over 38 milion people, Poland is the sixth most populous member of the European Union.
  • Poland is one of the safest country in Europe and in the world with the lowest risk of terrorist attack according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (find the report HERE) and the British ministry of Foreign Affairs (find the report HERE).
  • Poland is becoming a popular study destination for prospective candidates and according to Study Portals report the country is entering the top 3 of International Student Satisfaction Awards (find the report HERE)
  • Poland is an ideal destination for international student who would like not only to get a degree but also explore some of the countries on the European continent.
  • Studying in Poland is relatively cheap. It is much cheaper than studying and living in the United States, Germany, Australia ang many other places. Monthly expenses are usually form EUR 280 to EUR 300.


Living costs in Poland

  • monthly cost of living starts from 250 EUR -economical standard and goes up to 500 EUR- high level of living
  • a place in a University dorm- 90-150 EUR a month
  • renting a flat- 400 EUR
  • renting a room-130 EUR
  • eating out- 3-7 EUR a meal
  • alimentation- 100 EUR a month
  • medical appointment- 15 EUR
  • hairdresser- 10 EUR
  • cinema ticket- 5 EUR
  • clothes (trousers-17 EUR, sweatshirt- 12 EUR, t-shirt- 7 EUR)
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Emergency numbers:

  • 997 – Police
  • 998 – Fire Brigade
  • 999 – Ambulance

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