Speciality: Chinese and Polish tradition in shaping of the landscape

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

Professional title: Master

Study Profile: general academic

Start Month: February

Semester Tuition Fee: free for Polish citizens


This programme is a joint degree Master's course. It is provided by Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Wrocław and by Hunan Agricultural University of Changsha in China.

A Student of the Landscape Architecture Master's course gains in-depth knowledge in technical and natural sciences. The programme aims at mastering design skills with the use of various computer tools and programs. A graduate will acquire advanced spatial arrangements skills.

Studies last 4 semesters. First semester is provided in Poland for all students. Second semester is a practical one, which means students have practice which takes place in Poland (for Chinese students) and in China (for Polish students). Last (third) practical semester is conducted at Hunan Agricultural University of Changsha in China or at WUELS in Wroclaw. Polish students spend the fourth semester at the University in Poland. It is students' choice where they want to defend their Master's thesis (Poland or China). It's a joint degree program so after graduating you are granted double diploma, Chinese and Polish.

What will you study?

Obligatory subjects: Shaping of landscape of the rural areas in Europe, Chinese traditional landscape engineering and technology, The construction and protection of Chinese historical and cultural city landscape, The construction and protection and recover of rural landscape in China.

Elective subjects: history and theory of space shaping, social aspects of shaping urban landscape, comprehensive abilities to landscape architecture, introduction to landscape architecture, garden building and ornaments design, urban green space system planning, environmental art performance techniques, shaping of therapeutic environment, historical fortification in landscape, stone in landscape.

In what form will classes be conducted?

Classes are conducted in the form of lectures, laboratories, seminars and field classes.

How will you be assessed?

Semester credits are based on obtained course credits. Some subjects are completed with exams held in oral or written form during mid-term and end-term testing period. In case of some subjects tests and exams can have practical and theoretical parts.

The final grade comprises of exam and practical classes grades. Student's knowledge, practical skills, ability of completing particular tasks, team work and work management are assessed in the course process.

How many ECTS points do you get?

Standard of education in Landscape Architecture  provides no less than 90 ECTS credits for 4 semester course of study.

What qualifications and powers will you get during studies?

The course equips a student to pursue a professional career in landscape design, in executive and advisory work. The profession of the landscape architect is mainly a freelance job, so the most crucial things in this field are: knowledge, practical skills, and experience gained in internships and projects. A graduate will be ready to conduct detailed inventory, asses the vegetation condition, design small architecture and park surroundings. Combining study experience in both Poland and China will enhance employability in the market and will be a distinguishing asset in the professional career path.

Where will you be able to work after graduation?

A graduate is prepared to run his own landscape architecture business or may work in any organization that focuses its activity on designing, arranging and maintaining of green areas also those combined with built-up areas. A student will be ready to cooperate with other landscape shaping specialists (e.g. town planners) while working on rural or urban areas planning.

Entry Requirements

A candidate must have BSc degree in Landscape Architecture or in a similar area of study and meet the English language requirements on B2 level.

10-12 students from both Chinese and Polish side will be accepted for this specialty (according to the agreement signed between WUELS and Hunan Agricultural University of Changsha in China). As the agreement states, students of the partner universities will be accepted in the first place. Candidates will be accepted on the basis of the ranking list which will verify the candidates' Bachelor's Diploma grades. Vice-dean of the Landscape Architecture may decide on additional admission procedure, e.g. interview in case of bigger number of candidates than places offered.

Your BSc degree should cover most of the following subjects/ skills:

  • Mathematics, plant biology and geometry necessary to understand and describe space. A candidate should know the basic principles of perspective, proportion, sculpture and drawing composition and space mapping.
  • Creating design guidelines based on conclusions drawn from analyses. Using basic principles of landscape shaping and of small architecture designing.
  • Taxonomy and nomenclature of plants, plant classifying on the basis of organism structure, habitat requirements and of its usage in landscape design. A candidate should know basic principles of conducting plant inventory and green areas maintenance.
  • Basic skills of drawing simplified project documentation in accordance with the formal and legal requirements. Ability to present the documentation in the form of drawings and description. A candidates should possess the knowledge of visualization techniques and the landscape shaping principles with the usage of geometry principles and computer techniques. He/ she is able to use hand drawing for spatial analysis and conveying information on landscape.
  • A candidate has basic knowledge in terms of natural laws and activities in favour of the environment (its maintenance, shaping and protection). He/ she knows the principles of cultural landscape composition.
  • Recognising the characteristic features of historical periods in urban and rural systems. A candidate knows the old and modern trends in garden shaping. He/ she understands the their philosophical and cultural backgrounds.
  • A candidate possess the knowledge of protection methods of historical buildings within the landscape.
  • A candidate knows the basic building materials and their use in building industry and landscape architecture. He/ she knows the mechanisms of the market economy and the basics of doing business.

English proficiency

Candidates need to prove their English proficiency on at least B2 level (of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - CEFR). Language test requirements:

  • University of Cambridge Exams: FCE with minimum points 160; CAE or CPE with minimum points 120,
  • TOEFL (Internet based) with minimum of 75 points,
  • IELTS Academic Test with minimum of 5,5 points.

Exception from English tests:

Applicants who have obtained a Bachelor's degree from the home country with English as the Language of instruction are exempt from the test.

Admission process

Intake period: October- January

Admission fee: 20 EUR (for all candidates)

Additional Information

The course is intended for Polish, EU/EEA citizens and the students of Hunan University Changsha in China only. Polish, EU/EEA citizens are exempted from the tuition fee.

Students cover the costs of:

  • travel expanses
  • visas
  • health examination
  • stay (administration fee, accommodation, energy, food)


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