Webinar 6th August

We are happy to invite you to next free online webinar for applicants for the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences.

This time you will find out more about the last steps of admission process, arrival to Poland and how to find your's place in new’s reality as a first year student of Veterinary Medicine programme!

Where and when?
August 6th 2020 (Thursday) at 1 p.m. Polish time. Spread the news to your colleagues who might be interested in participation and be a part of this event.

Registration: HERE

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Thank you very much for your attendance! It was a pleasure talking to you, even though due to unexpected technical problems our meeting was cut short. We will answer all remaining questions below.

Regarding the two questions that many of you had, please do not worry if you will receive your exam results later. We know the current situation with the Coronavirus and we will extend deadlines, more information will soon be available on our website. Also, if you're applying through one or our agents, please don't worry, they know what they're doing!


Q: I have a question regarding the semester evaluations: If we fail a subject, are we allowed to retake it after?
A: Of course you are! You always have two chances to pass every exam, and if you still fail, depending on the subject you can either retake just that subject or the semester. As Safoura said, September retakes are not the end of the world!

Q: Will there be a preparatory course for UK and Irish students before the start of the first year in October? Is there any additional information?
A: We'll find out and get back to you with a certain answer.

Q: How many seats are usually there in english program ?
A: This year we offer 48 places in the English division.

Q: If I have several biology/chemistry courses that I have already taken at my home university, do I have to re-take those classes during the first year?
A: That is up to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine to decide. Some credit transfer might be possible but veterinary education has very strict standards.

Q: Could you say some more about the BMAT-exam? Is it still possible to take it only on September 5th? 
A: You need to present its results during the admission process, which means this year you will not be able to receive your results in time (one BMAT session has been cancelled). More information about BMAT can be found here.

Q: As of today, is the fall semester going to still happen in person during the pandemic? If courses will be online, will attendance be mandatory, or would the lectures be prerecorded?

A: We generally expect to be able to have classes in person, unless the situation demands otherwise. Some subjects will definitely have to be taught the traditional way. If need be, we are prepared to do online teaching.


If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help. 


We are planning to do another webinar in August to inform you of any new developments regarding this year's admissions. Stay tuned and check our website and the DreamApply system for information!

Kind regards,

Admissions Office


We are happy to invite you to a free online webinar for applicants for the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences.

During the meeting you will learn more about our academic offer and how to apply for studies at UPWr. Apart from admission requirements, you will also find out more about legal matters important to foreign students in Poland.

We would like to invite you to participate in the webinar on June 25th 2020 (Thursday) at 4 p.m. Polish time. Spread the news to your colleagues who might be interested in participation and be a part of this event.

We planned a presentation of employees from the Admissions Office who will tell you more about the enrollment process. You will find out how to apply and get to know the admission requirements as well as legal matters important to foreign students. We will show you how to use our application system and present you with more information about what you can expect studying and living in Wroclaw. There will be an expert panel conducted by our graduates Safoura Reza and Michael Somtochukwu Anosike, participants of the movie cycle “Studies-Life-Carrier”, who will tell you more about their experience. In addition to that, a representative of the academic staff will tell you more about the degree, the classes and their specifics, and finally about basic study regulations, including the rules of passing from one year to another. Feel free to ask questions about admissions, studying, and our University in general during the webinar.

We know that the next step in your education raises a lot of questions and doubts. We are here to address them and offer insight into the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences.

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During the webinar you will meet Michael Somtochukwu Anosike and Safoura Reza:


In the meantime meet the protagonists of movies “Studies-Life-Career” HERE!


The webinar is implemented as part of the NAWA project
WUELS - Natural algorithm for success”